The Fox and Hounds Inn

Carthorpe, Bedale,

North Yorkshire DL8 2LG

Tel: 01845567433

Vincent, Helen  and the village

Helen Fitzgerald's parents ran the Fox and Hounds from 1983. Helen married, and became a Taylor, and she  and her husband, Vincent,  now run the Fox & Hounds Inn.

Carthorpe lies approximately four and a half miles south-east of Bedale, and three-quarters of a mile to the west of the Great North Road, now known as the A1, originally known as Leeming Lane.

Edward 1st (1272-1307) known as the "Hammer of the Scots", constructed the road as a means of getting to the Scots, and stopping  Scottish raids on the North of England.

The road was deliberateley built away from areas of habitation, to give armies a good uninterrupted passage.

Carthorpe is a typical linear Anglo-Saxon village built over some 2,100 acres. Over the years, its buildings and their uses have been changed and modernised to form the Carthorpe of today, as may be seen from a stroll through the village.

 Below we show two pictures of the village, one with a good view of the Fox and Hounds, and an aerial view of Carthorpe.